Resurface Your Pool Deck with Sundek

Fallbrook,CA Pool Deck ResurfacingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provides pool deck resurfacing in the Fallbrook, CA area. We feature Sundek Classic texture for repair and refinishing services. With years of experience in Fallbrook, CA pool deck installations, we can scale our services to meet customer needs in these pleasant residential areas. Unfinished concrete will show flaking, splitting, and cracking from intense heat and weather. We can resurface such areas by adding vibrant colors and protective coatings. This will upgrade a drab location and add color and style.

For older sealed installations, we can re-color and re-seal the areas to create a fresh image and a like-new appearance. This will restore an old and faded installation rather than completely resurface it. However, the most dramatic changes occur with total resurfacing using Sundek Classic Texture. This remarkable system can create an eye-catching beauty in the process of improving safety and reducing surface heat build-ups in intense summer sun. Textured layers and elegant line patterns enhance the rich and vibrant colors. Repair limes and seams blend with the mosaic designs. One can further customize by using patterns or templates to produce particular effects. For example, one can use templates to render an appearance of tiles or bricks.

At Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., we invite area residents to call and inquire about our pool deck resurfacing services and our line of durable Sundek products. Please call (619) 443-2318, we are waiting to answer questions, respond to requests, and arrange free estimates. Area residents can fill out a request for quote form and Email to us. By either method, we value the opportunity to work with every client. Do not delay, please call or Email today.

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