Beautify Your Outdoor Space With Pool Deck Resurfacing

Clairemont, CA Pool Deck ResurfacingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. provides pool deck resurfacing in the Clairemont, CA area. A well-established community in Northern San Diego, it enjoys a wonderful warm climate with many sun-filled balmy days each year to enjoy outdoor living spaces. We offer Sundek Classic Texture to enhance poolside areas in the year-around warmth of this area. We can color and protect an unfinished cement surface. Adding color and durable protective coatings will enhance the appearance, and prevent flakes, splits, and cracks. An old or worn sealed installation can appear drab and unappealing. We can refinish such areas by re-tinting and re-sealing the installation. This process yields a like-new appearance.

We recommend Sundek Classic Texture for new or old cement surfaces. This amazing product can transform an area into a place of remarkable style and beauty. It improves slip resistance and controls heat build-ups. The finishing options include masonry effects, aggregate, and Tuscan marble. Customized finishes can reflect color themes and designs. One popular finish is the Custom Scoreline which creates a remarkable pattern of lines and colors. The rich colors and depth of finishes will impress visitors for many years to come.

Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. invites questions and calls about our pool deck resurfacing services. Please call (619) 443-2318 today. We are standing-by to answer questions, provide quotes, and schedule free estimates. We invite residents to fill in the request for quote form here, and we will respond promptly with full details. We have a strong commitment to first-class customer service. It begins with the first call or contact form, please call or fill-out a request for quote form today.


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