Restoring Your Pool Deck with Concrete Resurfacing

Have an affordable and efficient way to update your pool’s aesthetic with a pool deck resurfacing. Your pool needs to refresh its exterior so that it will retain its pleasurable purpose to your home. But what you notice is that the concrete is still intact, and a repair is not necessary. The best solution for you is a concrete resurfacing. It is an easy fix to minor damages giving a major restoration on your pool deck.

“Do I need a Pool Deck Resurfacing?”

pool deck resurfacing

Discoloration, fading concrete texture, or the color scheme isn’t appealing anymore; if you are having these issues, then give a quick restoration in your pool deck. A few simple patches will solve them, through pool deck resurfacing.

Resurfacing the pool deck does not need intensive repair. You do not need to extract concretes and spend on installing new ones. It only requires concrete stamping over existing slabs. The materials used for the stamped concrete overlay will also cost you less, than having to renovate a massive concrete. 

A contractor near you can offer a visit and begin assessing your pool. It is always good to know in advance if you will need a full repair or just a quick restoration. Comparing a stamped concrete cost with other pool deck repair costs will also help you decide.

“Are there types of pool deck resurfacing to consider?”

If you have assessed that your pool deck needs resurfacing, there are three main options to consider.

Spray Texture Finish.

concrete pool deck resurfacing san diego

The spray finish is one of the most popular deck coatings for pool deck resurfacing. This is also called a “cool deck”, which provides a distinct, delicate texture on the concrete of your pool.

Think about walking barefoot at the poolside. The reason why people enjoy chilling at the edge of the swimming pool is because of the “cool deck”. It has a knockdown texture offering a comfortable and safe surface. An acrylic coating is applied to your deck where heat bounces off, keeping the surface cool.

Concrete Pool Deck Paint

pool deck paint

As a common option for pool deck resurfacing, the concrete pool deck paint only requires a small amount of time to finish. The process is done by applying an overlay of paint on the concrete. It is the most inexpensive method for pool deck resurfacing. 

It is quite tricky when considering paint. Think twice first before making concrete paint resurfacing your choice. The concrete paint only lasts for a year, therefore you will eventually need to re-apply it.

Stamped Concrete Overlay

stamped concrete pool deck

There are a variety of innovative designs and unique concrete textures of stamped overlays. A stamped concrete installed over an existing deck instantly transforms the look of your concrete pool deck. Stamped concrete overlays strengthen the pre-existing slab, so you will not need to install new ones. Aside from the stamped layer, a finishing coating is added for durable concrete protection.

“What are the benefits of pool deck resurfacing?”

Pool deck resurfacing is inexpensive. The contractors in your area can do the job fast with perfect results. Resurfacing the pool deck with stamped concrete is eco-friendly and economical.

Maintaining a resurfaced pool deck with concrete stamping only takes minimal effort from you.

Final Cost?

Ask a local contractor today to get a list of options for your pool restoration needs. A pool deck resurfacing’s average cost falls around $10 to $20, depending on the type of restoration needed. Here in, contractors specialize in all kinds of pool repair, including pool deck installation, resurfacing, and finishing.

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