5 Patio and Pool Deck Repairs To Do Before Summertime

Patio and deck repair San Diego become a typical home and business improvement as summertime comes.

Outdoor floorings are durable and resilient, withstanding any weather. But even the strongest and toughest outdoor floorings are no exception to damages resulting in patio and deck problems.

Pool deck and concrete patio damages frustrate you most of the time. But worry not, since most of these common concrete problems can easily be fixed with do-it-yourself tips and tricks.

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Patio and Deck Repairs to Complete Before Summer

1- Inspect and Observe

Conduct a thorough inspection of your deck or patio to keep an eye on damaged boards or rotten wood. Check if there are broken nails that need to be re hammered or broken wooden fragments that need to be replaced. Wooden boards rot due to water damage. It may require a full replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.

2- Keep an eye on Molds

It is a common mistake to ignore mold problems, but this should not be the case. As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us, molds attach themselves to clothing, bags, and pets. Light degreasers can be used to get rid of mold in your deck and patio. Use a bristle brush to scrub your deck and a pressure washer to rinse the soap and remove mold.

3- Get Rid of Weeds

We all know how irritating to see weeds growing in between patio pavers, and the best way to get rid of weed is by preventing it in the first place. Still, prevention is better than cure. Regular sweeping is a great help to prevent pesky weeds from growing. Making your weed killer with white vinegar is an efficient and eco-friendly way to get rid of weeds. Crack scrapers are also great for eliminating weeds from the root.

4- Check on broken and Cracked Tiles

Replacing broken or cracked tiles is surprisingly easy, so keeping a few extra tiles from installation is a smart move. Just remove the broken tile, prepare the floor for the next tile, and install the new tile. Most of the time, small cracks are not being addressed immediately, but small cracks often lead to huge problems if not fixed as soon as possible.

5- Watch out for Sunken Pavers

Sunken pavers are not only unappealing to see but also pose severe damage, especially to your drainage system. Homeowners can quickly solve problems regarding sunken pavers. Remove the pavers using a small flat-bladed screwdriver’s tip, and then use sand or fresh concrete to level the surface. Don’t forget to use a leveler to see if your new paver is brought up to the right level.

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These are just some of the most common repairs that can be done right before summer. Most of these can take place without any professional help, but having your deck and patio checked by an expert once in a while would be a great thing to do.