4 Kid-Friendly Inspired Materials for your Pool Deck

Kids love playing, and swimming pools are one of the places that excite them.  The time that fun goes away is when accidents happen. When kids slip or accidentally drown in a pool, it is a terrible time for parents and guardians. 

Removing a pool is not a solution. Instead, homeowners and commercial pool owners find a way to resolve this problem. A pool deck resurfacing which finishes the concrete with kid-friendly materials is the best solution. 

So if swimming pools are at your home, it creates a happier environment for children, and the family as a whole. Decorative concrete materials are known for their high-resistant property. It prevents slipping. It provides a sturdiness, so any material that contacts on the surface will not slide.

Are you planning to prep your pool area and depart from the traditional floors prone to accidents? Aside from slip-resistant concrete, there are other ways to increase safety and protection to your child when in the pool. To get you started, here are 4 of child-friendly pool decking materials you can choose from.

Cool Deck: Heat Resistant 

concrete pool deck resurfacing san diegoSwimming pools are a child’s fantasy land during summer. Have you gone to a pool during the high afternoon? You don’t go into a pool with socks and shoes. So your bare feet got stuck by the overheating concrete. Imagine if a child feels that. 

So, to give you safety and solution are concrete resurfacing that is good with deflecting heat. A popular decking called “cool deck” are materials to finish and coat your pool’s pavement with a surface that stays cool under the sun’s prickly heat.

Child-Friendly Design

concrete pool deck service san diegoThe usual views we see with pool decks are stones and tiles. Flat cold slabs that do not appeal to a child influences how the fun is initiated. Not all kids are attracted to a pool that does not catch their attention. 

Refinishing a pool with a knockdown finish or texture to a concrete pool deck adds a light and friendly appeal.

Durable Concrete Reducing Damage

Remember when a child cried in a pool, not because a friend teases him or her, not also because she drowned or he slipped, but the reason is a loose tile or a crack on the concrete makes the child stumble. 


Small dents can catch a child’s tiny feet, especially when running around the pool area. Loose tiles and dent holes in a pool area are unnoticeable, but they usually cause common trouble in swimming pools. 

You want to get rid of that to retain the joy of a child in your pool.

Other Child-Friendly Materials

Once you finish your pool deck with the right flooring and concrete resurfacing, you can also add the pool’s life with other essential exterior materials. Adding a shade to pool areas like a big umbrella with colorful textiles and patterns invites a child’s visual curiosity. 

A toy area can also give the kids a spot where they can be far from the water, especially if, as a parent, you cannot assure 100% if the time your eyes are watching them—a place to leave them and bring aquatic-inspired toys.

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