How much does it cost to resurface a pool deck if I want a cool deck?

You can resurface pool decks for just as low as $2 per square foot. That is if you will begin with a basic stamped pool deck overlay. The national average cost for a pool deck resurfacing, including your pool deck repair San Diego, ranges from $6 to $10 per sq. ft

Suppose you want a pool upgrade with cool decking, you can resurface with specialized and custom pool deckings at $10 to $15 per sq. ft. But if you have an existing concrete pool deck, an upgrade into a cool decking can be estimated at $8 to $10 on average.

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Cool Deck Resurfacing

Cool decking transforms a regular grey concrete deck into a functional and appealing swimming pool. The deckings are finished with an acrylic-based coating. This pool deck system is also known as a spray texture or knockdown finish.

The surface that surrounds the swimming pool area has a distinct non-skid texture. With what type of pattern, it also paves a unique design that best suits the pool surfaces.

The cooling deck coating absorbs heat. So, when the high afternoon sin hits the pool surface, the concrete will not heat too much. It keeps the pool’s steps cool to the feet.

The non-skid surface comes out by spraying the coating, which also uses epoxy as a bonding agent. The next step is knocking it down using a trowel. Thus where its name also comes from, which is trowel-finish or spray-knockdown texture.

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Cool Decks and Other Pool Decking Options

Here are other options for your pool decks resurfacing in San Diego.

Kool Deck vs. Spray Knockdown Cool deck

Kool Deck is a name given to a pioneering brand of cooling pool decks. It usually comes in earthy designs that look natural for the outdoors. It has the following designs to choose from.

      • Travertine
      • Slate
      • Flagstone

These patterns are what make the Kool Deck a popular option for concrete pool deck owners.

However, there is now a more efficient option: the Spray Knockdown texture. It outwits the Kool Deck when it comes to slip resistance.

The spray finish offers more function with its form. What lacks in Kool Deck you will find in the spray knockdown cool deck. The texture of the surface has a more non-skid role making it the best option for the pool concrete pool surfaces.

Pool Deck Paint

Pool deck paint is the cheapest option at less than $1. But what may cost you more in the future is repair and resurfacing costs. As a paint material, it will eventually fade or peel off in no time. This is a big downside to pool deck paint since the area is mainly exposed to water. But if you live in very humid places like San Diego, you can still opt for practical paint.

Stamped Overlays

Stamped pool decks start at $2 for a basic stamping with one color base. It also offers an excellent non-skid surface perfect for surfaces where water often is used.

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To sum up, pool deck resurfacing can be summed up in an average of $3750 to $5750 for an entire residential pool or a small commercial swimming pool. And your options may still vary depending on your locations’ pool requirement.

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