Creative Pool Decking Ideas to Splash on Your Commercial Space

Escaping summer heatwaves is no match for the Sunshine State locals. Homeowners have known their community so well, and pools emerged from their backyards. If the bay area brings too much sun to overcome, swimming pools are found right at the heart of the city. 

To attract the audience, a commercial pool deck San Diego improves pool areas for residential and commercial pools.

Here are trending pool decking ideas business owners have to watch out for the season.

greek style pool with columnar pillars
pool by a fancy restaurant
wood and concrete pool deck

1- Dine-in Deck

A surefire way to win the people to your pools is offering a dining style deck. This is a trend among hotels where they give people the feel of sipping martini by the beachside.

Bring a refreshing vibe with a tropical set up by the pool. Set up a shade or umbrellas styled to replicate the natural shadows of tropical trees. Then, underneath it is the pool deck that serves as a dining platform.

The pool enthusiasts can dip half of their bodies in the water while enjoying a margarita with tacos on the plate served on the dining deck.

2- Mayan Architecture

The Mayans left the world, but their architecture and technology surely leave people a grand form of knowledge. Their unique way of life also benefits today’s modern pool designing.

The sky is the limit for designing commercial pools. The goal is to attract and entertain people. Pyramids and palace exterior with intricate carving and embellishment accent the whole pool. It is the inspiration taken from the world of the Mayan engineers.

Pools light-up, too. This indigenous engineering combines natural elements perfect beside the pools. You can add waterfalls and corner firepits to add flair and excitement.

3- Inca Empire Inspired Pools

From the Mayans, we move forward to the Inca. The more recent Central and South American traditions had their own share of modern architecture, too.

For pool decking, the solid and bold patterns of swirl and twirl are Inca originals. Spherical, spiral-shaped fountains by the deck are inspired by their creation.

Water-spouting fountains make an elegant accent to the swimming pool area. The exterior has images of water creatures or patterns of plants and trees that spray arcs of water. They make coherent landscaping, too, with the concrete pool deck.

4- Mosaic Art and Totems

Add contrast to a grey, neutral concrete pool deck using mosaic art on the deck. Colorful patterns and irregular shapes work well with the serene, clear light waters in the pool.

Accents of mosaic walls and decking are great for above-ground pools. The pool’s extending structure can also be a great complement with totem poles set-up on the mosaic concrete floors.

5- Child-friendly Pool Decks

Now, don’t forget to simply design the decks to attract your number one audience, the children! Slides and shades corners safe for the children is a pool deck idea that will never go out of season.

brick walls and building
machu picchu
artistic totem pole

When children gather in your pool, adults will no doubt find it interesting, too. Unleashing the inner-child from everyone is your goal when having a commercial pool.

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