Uncovering Pool Coatings: The 411 on Pool Deckings

The overall aesthetic of the pool decking is just one factor. You need to put much consideration into the deck’s functions.

Before the tip of your toes dip into the water, you first make contact with the decks. That being said, even with durable materials, you need ways to keep them in their most functional state. To do this, you might be thinking of the best pool deck refinishing or restoring the concrete’s natural beauty with a retouch of its coloring. 

San Diego pool deck coatings

You can apply several ways to revive a pool deck’s form, so how to choose what is the best?

Pool Deck Coatings: How to Choose

Pool deck coatings come in various options like paint, concrete resurfacing, epoxy coating, and more. But before you decide or pick a pool deck coating or application for your concrete swimming pool, read the following list first.

Here are some features that you need to take into consideration when enhancing your concrete pool decks.

  • Slip-resistance. Slip-resistance is your first consideration, of course. Outdoor concrete floors are naturally non-slip. But when it gets exposed to water, it may acquire excessive mold and algae growth, making the steps slippery.
  • Durability. Another essential thing to consider is durability. The pool area becomes a busy space when summer comes around. The floors around the pool get exposed to heavy foot traffic. Even concrete forms cracks. With that said, you need to add strength to the material by applying the best material to coat its top layer.
  • Chemical-resistant. While anti-chemical floors are more popular among industrial facilities, this feature must show up in your pool deckings, too. Swimming pool water contains chlorine for sanitary purposes. These will react with concrete material. Mineral deposits, like salt, form on the surface. When this happens, it tells you that the concrete pool begins to deteriorate. You can protect the surface of the concrete with a pool deck coating.
  • Stain-resistant. Soil, dirt, and grass are natural outdoor elements that often cause stains on the pool decks. Imagine if you have tiles. The gaps between each tile piece are prone to hide and gather dirt in it. One way to prevent stains lingering on the concrete surface is to create a smooth, high gloss surface.
stamped concrete pool deck

So what are the types of pool deck coating to use to achieve the features mentioned above?

What is the Best Pool Deck Coating?

Right now, you have already decided on a concrete pool deck or a wooden deck. Or something that you custom-made for your liking and you combine multiple flooring systems. 

The next thing for you is to apply the finishing. Choose among here:

Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings are materials that are best used with concrete surfaces. What they do is add a form or enhance what the flooring already got. Concrete is seamless and polished, but some materials help you uplift your existing outdoor floors. Here are some of them:

  • Epoxy Floor Coating. The epoxy creates a high-gloss finish that reflects light to keep the surface cool. It also keeps the surface dirt-free.
  • Concrete Staining. Staining is better than paint. Staining absorbs itself into the core of the contrite slabs. Choose this material if you need a lasting pool deck coloring. It also provides natural-looking patterns that fit outdoors.
  • Stamped Concrete. Concrete stamping can be used over existing flooring. This is what you also call overlays. The stamped patterns add traction on the surface so you can run or stroll over the pool deck without slipping.

Pool Deck Paints

Pool deck paint is practical to use. It is easy to decide on using it, especially when you are unsure what pool materials exist in your pools. Since it is easy to apply and water-soluble, you can easily wash it off if you decide to use a more advanced floor coating in the future.

Composite Material

Lastly, have you considered finishing the pool decks with non-conventional materials? These are the likes of artificial turf or composite wood. These come in polymer-like materials which are light and easy to install.

The bottom line is choosing the best pool deck coating must provide you safety and assurance. One material may be easier to use or more accessible for you. You cannot ignore this one final step when designing or building the pools on your property. Make sure to finish every phase with a top-quality material.

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