Pool Deck Resurfacing 101: Five Options To Transform Your Pools from Old to New

Pool deck resurfacing makes your pool decking work efficiently. It also makes it look incredibly charming. A local team from Deck Repair San Diego helps to do this for you. Also, it offers both a challenging and rewarding DIY project. Regardless if you hire the pros, or work your pool surface without a pool expert’s assistance, here are some resurfacing options you might want to check out and give a shot.

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What is Resurfacing?

Any idea what resurfacing is? Pool Resurfacing is installing a new layer of concrete over an existing pool deck surface. Its sole purpose is to improve the pre-existing slab’s durability and efficiency. It also boasts a seemingly endless array of patterns, styles, and designs. This advantage makes the process ideal for aesthetic uplift.

Our Top Five Resurfacing Picks

Many alternatives are available when it comes to resurfacing concrete pool decks. Good thing we’ve researched the best picks of pool owners. So, to save you time, here is our list of the most popular pool finishing choices.

1- Plaster

Let’s start things off with a cost-friendly pick. Plaster works swell for concrete decks. You need to add a filler to the product to make water chemistry maintenance a walk in the park. It improves pool durability and stain resistance.

2- Deck paint

Paint is another cheap way to resurface. It is as easy as pie to install. The only downside to it is that you have to retouch it now and then.

3- Stamps

Stamps are a more expensive choice. But its best feature is that it does not only repair worn-out or damaged pool concrete. It has a finish that can replicate wood, stone, and other naturally-occurring elements.

4- Sprays

Sprays are comfortable and work best for walkways and barefoot settings. Besides, you may add aggregates and custom decorative elements to take things up a notch.

5- Fiberglass

If you want flexibility and ground shift resistance, fiberglass is the best pick for you. It lasts so much more than plaster and concrete.

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What Makes Resurfacing Worth The While?

A concrete pool deck revamp is not just to make your surfaces look and work better. Here are some of the benefits you can work to your advantage.

Say no to accidents

Resurfacing is a perfect approach to avoid accidents and other mishaps around the pool. It eliminates uneven levels, damages, and other imperfections that might cause injuries. More importantly, it makes your pool slip-resistant.

Versatility with designs

Pool resurfacing highlights combos of designs, colors, and other decorative elements. You can even customize one to fit your home’s theme or motif.


People will take a second look at your pool deck and notice how fancy it looks. Your secret? Pool resurfacing, of course. Doing so will add worth to your property. And it will improve your listing’s ratings and chances if you have plans on selling or renting it out.

Maintenance? No problem!

One thing homeowners love about retouching their pools with resurfacing is less maintenance work. You can get the job done with an ordinary broom or a mop and brushes. Check acids and other cleaning agents before using them. They might have content that can harm or wear down the pool’s coating finish.

Save money

The various options for resurfacing allow you to adjust to your budget. Many contracting companies even offer discounts for their pool-related services.

The Bottom line

Pool deck resurfacing will make your poolside experience a whole lot better. So, make sure you do your part in making it function well. You may resurface it with no professional assistance. And if things don’t go as you plan them out, hire a local business instead. You can get in touch with one, and they will be more than willing to lend a hand. A good contracting company will transform your concrete pool deck into an efficient and beautiful work of art.

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