2020 Concrete Pool Deck Trends

Do you have plans updating your pool deck area this 2020? If so, then you need to make sure that the design finish of your pool deck is on-trend. Given the fact that the renovation project is only done after several years, you should make sure that your pool deck will not be outdated after a few years.

Before starting remodeling your pool deck, it is important to make yourself familiar with various options to better choose which design suits best for your pool deck area. Listed below are the 2020 concrete pool deck trends you can choose from in updating the look of your pool deck:

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used for pool deck remodeling. It can be sprayed on, overlayed the existing concrete slab, or can newly be poured for a new design and texture. This technique is the most simple and affordable option in improving the look of your pool deck area. It mimics high-end flooring material such as bricks, wood, flagstone, natural stone, and slate.

concrete pool deck


Bricks pool deck finishing can be achieved through concrete stamping on which imprinted patterns are stamped on the concrete. This design gives people the impression that the floor finishes are laid lout likes tiles. It also provides natural-looking stone patterns that would complement the existing architectural design of your home.




Wood design that is made up of concrete material can last for many years, unlike the real wood. Though real wood adds warmth to outdoor spaces, the material is quite expensive and requires periodic maintenance to prevent it from decaying.

Wood flooring design that is made of concrete material is considered a superior option because of the traditional yet modern effect. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

flagstone concrete pool deck


Flagstone concrete pattern gives a rustic look to your pool deck area. The pattern is randomly stamped on the area to create a flagstone design finish. This type of concrete pattern is easy to install and has been one of the favorite designs of homeowners.

stamped concrete pool deck

Natural Stone

Natural stone designs such as those oversized river stones can also be installed in your pool deck area using concrete. This design gives the area a more modernized look.


If you are up for a design that offers a natural-looking concrete finish, slate is the best option for you. This type of design would perfectly match to your existing landscape and can be finished with various color options.

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